Meaning of "freaky fifths"

Whot does “freaky fifths” mean?

“I’m down for freaky fifths.”

Please, I need a quick answer.


“I’m down for freaky fifths.”

Assuming that fifths comes from the following expression:

I would understand your sentence as:

I like outsiders who are unusual or different.

Hi Ann

Conchita’s right about “freaky”. That would refer to something “unusual” or “abnormal”.

In your sentence the word “fifths” could mean a number of things. It’s impossible to know what exactly without more context (e.g., sentences before/after or in what sort of a situation your sentence was said, etc.).

Since you didn’t ask what “down for” means, I assume you understood that part. May I ask what you understood the meaning to be? “Written down for”? Or “downstairs for”? Something different?


Tkank you. Here is the context( there is one girl who can choose one of the 5 boys), I’d be grateful if you’d explained it to me:
-Hey, guys, where is Mark?
-It’s been a while since he left with that girl.
[color=red]-I’m down for sloppy seconds, though.
-I’m down for freaky fifths.

Hi Ann

That’s not quite the context I was expecting. :oops:

I would now understand “I’m down for” to mean “I’m enthusiastic about” or “I’m looking forward to”.

As to the numbers, they refer to the number of times the guys expect the girl to have sexual intercourse on that day.

Twice and with two different guys is unusual. But apparently all five guys are expecting or hoping for their “turn” with the girl. :shock:

What in the world are you reading?

I’m translatining a tv series for teenagers.

Hi Ann

Oh, man. What a translation!

Assuming that there’s no gang rape planned, the situation could be nothing more than a lot of “teen-age male bravado” — i.e., “big talk” among the 4 guys who weren’t “chosen” by the girl. Clearly these 4 guys think they know what the girl and the one “chosen” guy are doing at the moment.


Thanks for help. I’hate this gangsta talk. It’s realy hard to translate. I can’t translate it as it’s written, because there can’t be swearing in tv. I made something like this:
–Hey, guys, where is Mark?
-It’s been a while since he left with that girl.

  • I hope it’s my turn now.
    -I hope I’ll be the last one.
    I think it is good for tv, because the original version is too vulgar.
    Thanks for your help :slight_smile: