meaning of "feasting on crow"


I ran across this sentence in a movie:

Cut your losses, you’re going to end up feasting on crow.

Could you tell me what it means? (my guess is “to lose”)
Does it have something to do with this book: ?
I drew a blank on major dictionaries.

I presume it means that if he continues his unlucky streak or losing in business or whatever the context is that he is being advised to ‘cut his losses’ in, he will end up being so poor that he will have nothing better than crow to eat.

Cut your losses (and save what you can)
(or) you’re going to end up feasting on crow (because you won’t be able to afford decent meat).

Does that make sense in the context of the movie?

Hi Bev,

Yes, it most certainly does, thanks!

Hi Dozy,

Thanks, I should’ve guessed that feasting on crow is another way of saying “eating crow”, which is the commonest expression and is listed in dictionaries.