Meaning of dimple (Dimple dragon)


Please see below!

King (to an extremely beautiful woman he worships. The woman has just scolded her maid badly ):

“What a dimple dragon you can be in flashing fire and smoke! But even your anger charms me as long as it is directed to someone else.”

What’s dimple mean here? It could also be dimpo or something like this because I heard it in a movie.



Maybe the woman had dimples and the king called her a ‘dimpled dragon’ :slight_smile: !

Hey Conchita, where are you? You have almost stopped answering my queries…why? Are you busy these days? Family obligations?

Yes, it should be that.

Could we say: He is my dimpled child.

Thanks a lot.


Well, Tom, let’s say that I also work for a living :slight_smile: – but I’m going on holiday soon. Anyway, I feel that I can still spend a satisfactorily long time on the site. Maybe our hours online don’t always coincide (synchronisation is not easy in two different time zones!).

Yes, you can say ‘he is my dimpled (freckled, snub-nosed, button-nosed, angel-faced, rosebud-mouthed, etc.) child’ :slight_smile: .