Meaning of 'clear' in the expression 'Stand clear'


I see and hear the warning ‘stand clear’ each time when I use a train and I know the meaning of the expression.

But my question is:
could you give another word for ‘clear’ used in this meaning?


Can’t find an exact one word replacement but would suggest in place of ‘clear of’ - ‘away from’ or ‘out of the way of’.


Thanks, Alan. That’s it.


P.S. Yes, ‘clear of’ smth. ‘on the distance’, yes?
But when they announce that a train will follow by the station without stopping, only ‘Stand clear’ appears on the platform’s electronic boards. (Last time I saw it just half an hour ago. :slight_smile: )

You can say “stand back” (as long as the thing you want to avoid is not behind you).

Hi Tamara,

‘Back’ sounds an excellent alternative to ‘clear’ in your context. Really this is a general exhortation to the other passengers to mind.