Meaning of "cerebral"

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My dictionary says “cerebral” means “Of or relating to the brain or cerebrum”. But this definition doesn’t seem to fit in the contexts I read or found in the internet, such as:

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who among us is fairest of all?” she said.
Bianca straightened up and listened, as if the mirror might answer. If it did, it was in a pitch too cerebral or too hushed for Bianca to hear.


He currently does most of his concert appearances in shopping malls, so the music is definitely not intended to startle or to be too cerebral.

It sounds to me that “too cerebral” means “too difficult”. :?

Hi All Potted Out

Cerebral can refer to something that requires the use of intellect rather than emotion.

These links should help: :smiley: … p#cerebral … &dict=CALD


In this context, I think the author referred to the possibility of the mirror answering in a too high-pitched (head) voice or register for Bianca to hear.

Here’s an interesting quote about the ability to hear ultrasound:

A don’t agree. The noun “pitch” has at least eight different meanings.

The author meant that the answer came back at a level too intellectual for Bianca to understand, or two quiet for her to hear.

On occasion we use the word “hear” to mean understand or comprehend. You can witness this when someone is complaining about something, and the person listening says, “I hear ya, man!”