Meaning of appointment/publication


1/In “The appointment board”, the meaning of “appointment” is…………………

2/In “The publications department”, the meaning of “publications” is…………………



Your answers are?


I dont know “publication” means whether the act of printing sth and making it available to the public or sth that has been published. If the meaning of “publication”, in this case, is the act of printing sth and making it available to the public, why is "publication"in the plural because “act” is Uncountable?

“Appointment” here is an arrangement or the act of choosing sb for a position or the fact of being choosen for a position?

I really don’t know.


The noun act is countable.

  • an act of kindness
  • several acts of kindness
    The noun publication is also countable and can therefore be made plural. But I would say that the plural (publications) is used mainly to talk about the things that were published (magazines, newspapers, books, etc.) rather than various acts of publishing.

I would view the meaning of publication in “publication department” to be the act of publishing things. If the word publications is used (“publications department”), you might interpret that to mean that there are a variety of different (specific) things that are published and those various things are overseen by this department.
Appointments can be used to refer to:
the various people who were appointed
various appointments (positions/offices).
Click here and then read definitions 3 and 4 for the word appointment.

In your sentence, the appointment board is the group of people who does the appointing.