Meaning of aphorism

And if someone confuses his or her aphorism.

What does it mean?

Hi cooliegirly
What do you want to know? The meaning of the word aphorism or part of the sentence?( as I understand your sentence is not full)
Please, have a look at


Or what does it mean when another person confuses your aphorisms?

Hi cooliegirly,

Let’s start with a definition. An aphorism is a short statement, sometimes witty and always succinct. In other words it contains a lot of meaning or significance in a few words.

Now your question:

Do you mean when someone misunderstands your aphorism?

Can you give an example of what you want to know about?


Hmmm…I wish I knew what I meant. :frowning:

It’s this sentence that says that the mother “confuses her (I’m not even sure what this her is referring since I don’t get what aphorism means. It might be herself or her daughter) aphorisms”. It’s supposed to be a theme of a story. It’s a story about a family who escaped to America from Dominican Republican due to the father’s political involvement in his home country. In their new life, the mother started inventing things, and the daughter was having trouble finding her own voice in English, which was her second language, and finding her own place in the middle of her home culture and the American culture. She laughed at what her mother was doing and complained about her (the mother) not helping her with her struggles but rather, spending so much time thinking about how to make American mums’ lives easier.

What would be a person’s aphorisms?