Meaning of "abandon"

Dear Torsten!
Performing the quizze N 29 (meaning by the words, TOEFL test) I ran into difficulty with meaning of the word “abandon”. In my opinion correct answer was absent among presented variants.
After checking I saw the correct answer. It was “freedom; impetuosity; enthusiasm”. But it does not correspond to the meaning of the word “abandon”:

  1. to leave and never return to leave (a place) because of danger
  2. to stop supporting or helping and so on
    Please, explain me this contradiction.
    Issa 1

You have listed the meanings of “abandon” as a verb. “abandon” can also be a noun, with the required meaning. See, for example … ry/abandon , from which I quote:

  1. Unbounded enthusiasm; exuberance.
  2. A complete surrender of inhibitions.

This meaning of “abandon” is relatively uncommon.