meaning of 9 to 5 ?

Hi everyone

Below is the paragraph I took from Forbes news :

These are the clearest images yet of the iPhone 6 and look similar to the previous leaks this week. There’s still no information on specifications, but “sources” have previously told 9 to 5 Mac that the new handsets will have a 1704 x 960 resolution and a Sapphire glass display, which is currently used for the Touch ID Sensor.

What does “told 9 to 5” mean ? (I guess the meaning is close to “surely” , “most probably”)

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Hello, Mr. Cheng:

I am an old man who knows nothing about computers, etc. I do not even have a smartphone.

But I googled “9to5Mac” and discovered that it is a website that is devoted to “News and reviews for Apple products, apps, and rumors.”

(I have never used an app, either!)

Therefore, I guess (guess!) that sources had previously told that website that …


Some websites use numbers for their titles because it does get one’s attention. For example, I was born in 1937. So if I had a website, I could name it NineteenThirtySeven. (That looks cool to me!)

Wow, now that makes sense. Thank you James.

My pleasure!

Maybe a 9 to 5 Mac is a computer that is used daily at the workplace?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Maybe, Torsten… but not in the original context above. It’s definitely a title of a publication.

Waiyin, as Torsten implied, “9 to 5” does not refer to odds, but to the standard work hours at an office - 9AM to 5PM.

Thanks Luschen, Bee and Torsten for adding the infomation.
yes, I realized that the common term “9 to 5” is the working hours from 9AM to 5PM (from a song “9 to 5” of Dolly Parton).
As Bee said, the meaning of working hours is not logical here in the context. James explanation made sense, It’s a website.