Meaning: "Crumb" of eraser


When we erase a sentence written in pencil, a lot of “crumb like stuff” gets off the rubber/eraser. What is its name? Could we call it crumb? I am aware that when a pencil is sharpened the stuff coming off is called pencil shaving. . What would a teacher say to his students?

1- Please remove the ------------ of rubber from your desks.

Thanks a lot


From the American Heritage Dictionary:

NOUN: 1. A very small piece broken from a baked item, such as a cookie, cake, or bread. 2. A small fragment, scrap, or portion: eraser crumbs; not a crumb of kindness for you. 3. The soft inner portion of bread. 4. Slang A contemptible, untrustworthy, or loathsome person.