Mean to do something is

Dear teacher,
I know mean to do something is to intend to do something but I don’t know mean doing something. Please explain its meaning.

Hi mlngvt

Did you see ‘mean doing’ in a specific sentence? If so, can you tell me what the sentence was?

The word ‘mean’ could simply be used to define or clarify a word or phrase you’ve just previously used.
For example:
“A quick and dirty solution is sufficient. By “quick and dirty” I mean solving the problem adequately and as fast as possible, without wasting time on insignificant details.”

The words ‘mean doing’ could also have a meaning similar to “result in”.
For example:
“Exceeding the speed limit could mean losing your driver’s license.”

Does that answer your question?


If we want to catch the 7.30 train, that will mean leaving the house at 6.00.
mean leaving: what does it mean? Does it indicate definition or result?
Please help me. Thanks.

Hi mlngvt,

This idea of mean suggests consequence in the sense of one thing will follow after another. The train leaves at 7.30 - we need time to travel to the station - we want to catch that train - so the consequence is that it is necessary to leave home at 6.00 .