May you help me in this research: Debating and discussion

Hi !
How are you guys ?
I have a material in my college called
“debating and discussion”
and our doctor request from us researches
My research was about " WORK "
so I hope from you to help to gather a research about it .

Thank you

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Dear Gladiator,
Hi my name is Scott, I’m one of the English team trainers. We are always happy to help and assist people with learning English and answering questions concerning English.
My advice for you would be to use ‘Google’ and put in some keywords such as: debating and discussion in the work place in English. As you know the internet is a honey-pot full of resources you just need to look for them. I wish you a lot of luck with your research and also your project.

Have a very Merry Crimbo

Scott Graham

Thank you Mr. Scott Graham
for replaying me
and also your reply push me up to learn specialy this :
By learning you will teach , by teaching you will learn
and I will graving it in my heart!

Hello Scott Graham
A magnificent signature!