may 12th results: I have got a TOEFL score of 93!

Hi Alan,

I have got a score of 93. Thanks to all your help. But i got less in the writing section. Got 17. Sorry to disappoint you. i really tried hard but did not get much. thanks for all your help in suggesting me an dgiving me your opinions on my essays. thank you once again.


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Hi Sangeetha,
What was your score in speaking section?What was the complete score break up.?

hie tabby,
my scores were respectively reading-23,listening-27,speaking-26 and writing 17.please do let me know your scores coz i used to follow your essays and tehy were pretty good.i really liked them and even took out printouts.

Thanks Sangeetha,
My score breakup is as follows:
Reading 29
Listening 27
Speaking 26
Writing 28
Wish you good luck for your endeavors.

wow cool score.congrats.and wish you also all the best for your future.

Yeap. Your scores are pretty good. But why have you passed the TOEFL living in the USA and Canada?

well basically im from INDIA,living in U.S.A from 5 to study out here i had to write toefl as i am considered as an international student so i had to write toefl.

Ok, I have undestood. What about the Speaking section? Was it really hard for you (despite on your great score)?

well speaking section was good.i just spoke in everyday terms not using any complicated words and i conveyed the relevant matter in the time it was ok for me.