max. sound volume

Hi all.

this morning I heard on the radio the Eu government is going to rule the max. sound volume for MP3 player. They claim that current level of noise possible will harm the listener´s sense of hearing. According to them even 5 hours a week getting the full blast straightly into the ears can make you hard to hear. They also say that the noise is similar to the level you´d hear when handling a chain saw or in a Disco.
On that behave they think of lowerring the max soundlevel by technical limitting. MP3 players should just be capable to produce the level of grass mewers.What definitely also might be loud enough, mightn´t it?

I wonder whether such issues should be ruled by laws or just appealed to each single listener´s reason? Would you obey such good advice?

I myself quitted from listening loud music. How about you?

Hello Michael,

My sony walkman mp3 player has a function called AVLS. If AVLS is enabled, it limits the maximum sound volume (to half the mp3 player is capable of when AVLS is disabled) so as to prevent listener from damaging their hearing.

As for me, I rarely listen music at high volume. :wink:

P.S. Please let me know if you find any mistake in my post. Thanks.

Hi InfinIty,

nice to read that facilities for lowerring the sound level to the half of their capabilities are already mounted. That´s the way the EU is ponderring on.

Sorry, since I´m no teacher or English native I wouldn´t call it a mistake, but “…(to half the mp3 player is capable of when AVLS is disabled)…” to me sounds a bit circular I´d rather say …" to the half of the mp 3 player´s capabilities…" like I wrote above.

Another point that comes to mind is “…so as to…”. I got it you meant “…in order to…” and haven´t heard the expression you chose before. Albeit this is not the grammar forum I´d enjoy hearing an experts opinion.

But that are just two suggestions that not necessarily must match.


Thank you very much for your suggestions, Michael.

I learned the expression “…so as to…” here. I have no idea if this expression is commonly used by speakers of English. I’d appreciate it if someone else could shed some light on this.

Hi InfinIty,

since none here saw our need of help with the “…so as to…issue” I asked at another site and they confirmed the correctness of your saying and link.
From what I have got the point they explained that “…so as to…” has the meaning of “…in order to…” and combined with a following explanation somehow shall give an imagination of why someone does something or why things will be done or things happen.