Dear to whom may it concern,
Is of masterful a negative meaning? masterful/adj/able or eager to control others.
Sincerely yours

It can be positive too, Mitra.

Dear beeesneees,
Would you please take some examples about the negative and also positive definition of it?
Sorry if I have bothered you.
Sincerely yours

The same example can be both!

He has a masterful way about him
can be positive or negative, depending on the viewpoint of the speaker and whether or not they like his masterful approach.

I wasn’t even aware of the negative connotation to the word masterful. I’ve only heard it used positively.

“Mark the plummer displayed his masterful skill of welding.”

I would avoid using it in a negative way.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to avoid using it negatively.
It can imply an overbearing domineering attitude.

Dear beeesneees,
Wow ‘an overbearing domineering attitude’, it is a rich wording.
Thanks a lot dear teacher. Lucky you! You are a masterful professor.This my favourite flower that give it to my dear teacher.
Sincerely yours