Martin Gore sounds like David Gahan

Thanks to YouTube I’ve just found out that the Depeche Mode song “Home” is sung by Martin Gore. Have you ever noticed that he sounds very much like David Gahan? I mean I always thought “Home” is sung by David Gahan. Is it just me or do they really have very similar voices?

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Hi Torsten,
It sounds really strange to me.
There’s no way I could confuse those two.
Dave has a unique voice that makes the face of the band.
I think if you had known that some songs made by only Martin you would’ve recognized them.

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martin gore sang a few of depeche mode songs but not much. i think he sing question of dust too but i’m not sure about that.

Hi Pfizer, welcome to our forum. You are right, Martin Gore sang only a few songs, such as “Somebody”, “A Qustion of Lust” and “Home”.
Incidentally, do know the difference between ‘much’ and ‘many’?

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much it’s for uncountable things and many for countable things.

Very good. What about the word song, is that countable or uncountable?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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countable. ie : dave gahan sang many songs the last concert :wink: .

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