Dear Mr Allan,
Thnk you very much for your help of giving me more information about how to learn English. I really appreciate your method of helping someone and I really like it.
I 'm posting you this mail for have some help about the different kinds of word that I should use in the “commercial” area? Could you have some suggestion that you could give me such as a formula, I don’t anything that could help me.
I’m asking you that because I work as a marketing , means selling the sightseing around my region and most of my clients are english. So , I need to have good word to persuade them.
I thank you in advance for your help and for those who have a good heart that can help me.
Please, I would like to have a little feedback with the way wrote to you. Is it good or still need an imrovement?

Kind regards.

Hi Lilianne,

I suggest you start by reading the Wikipedia entry on ‘marketing’. There you will find a lot of terms and expressions that relate to commerce, sales and advertising.

When you have a more specific question we will be happy to answer it.
Best regards,
PS: Please note the correct spelling of Alan’s name.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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