MAP English exercise

Read the beginning of a story Brad is writing.
Evan, Maggie, and Edith had heard their dad’s stories about an old tree house before, but they had never been to the house where it stood-the house where their dad grew up-until today. The house was situated on a large, open space in the middle of the countryside, with a thick grove of trees just behind it
“You three are welcome to go exploring back there if you want,” their dad said as he gestured toward the mysterious-looking oaks. You might even find that old tree
house l’ve been telling you stories about all these years," he said with a chuckle and a knowing wink. The three kids flashed each other excited looks,then clamored through the back of the house and pushed open the screen door. Their dad followed closely behind so he could keep an eye on them from the porch.They zigzagged across the yard and crossed into the trees,sticks cracking below their feet though they tried to move stealthily.
“Look! There it is!” Edith exclaimed,her voice ringing with enthusiasm.____________________

Brad wants to add sentences that build suspense by slowing down the pace of his story
Which sentences,if added to the blank, would best achieve his goal?
A .The kids approached the tree house. They stopped and stood beneath a ladder. Each rung was nailed into the tree. Evan volunteered to climb up first
B.The kids ran over to the tree house. it looked weathered and worn, but they wanted to see what was inside.Evan scrambled up the ladder and into the house.
C.The kids crept around the tree house until they discovered a ladder built into the tree.Their eyes widened.Cautiously, Evan put his foot on the bottom rung.Then he began to climb.
D.The kids walked over to the tree house and found a ladder. Evan reached the top of the ladder first. When he looked back toward the house, he saw his dad waving wildly from the porch.


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