Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people

People travel places to know about them, to learn different things and get exposed to a different culture. Travelling has been the passion of human kind for generations. It laid stones to the cross-culture communication and trade activities among countries which in today’s world account large share of business activities. Thus travelling is a key stone in the progress of man kind.

Museum is the place where culture restoration is done and all the historic things pertaining to that physical location are stored for visitors. It gives an all round picture
of that location’s culture, topology and its history. They lie as a historic evidence of
the progress that location, race or a country has made. When people travel places,
it is fascinating among them to know the things about that place. Museum acts like
a repository of information, collection of all truths about the place. They are the panacea to quench the travelling thirst inside the people.

Ancient travellers like Huan-Tsang, Marcopolo and others moved around the world with the intention of learning things from the new places they visit. They travelled around different parts of the world and earned good share of knowledge from them. In these mundane world, where people have less time to travel more places, museums provide the best platform to get a good knowledge of these places.

There could be many reasons for people to visit a museum. But the main reason behind the sustainence of museums for long time and their ability to attract large crowds is solely because they carry the spirit of the places in them, they expose the fragnance of culture to the visitors.

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