Many people believe that it is very important to make large amounts of money

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Many people believe that it is very important to make large amounts of money, while others are satisfied to earn a comfortable living. Analyze each viewpoint and take a stand. Give specific reasons for your position.

Many people live in this world. Every body has his own view. It does not matter what you want. Only your feelings matter.
In my opinion, money is the most important part of life. People cannot do anything without money. Every where, day by day inflation is increasing. Therefore, it is important to make more money. If we have money we have confidence do any thing in our life. Those people who earn higher salaries or making more money they feel good and have confidence. Money gives satisfaction as well. A person who earns more money, he will provide a comfortable living not only for him but for the family members also.
In our surrounding some people are very busy in their life. The reason for this is they want to make more money. They do not have time for their family and friends. This is not a good habit. Many people spend their time in making money they do not enjoy their life as other people do. After a long time they can be frustrate. Everything wants scarifies. If we want to make money we will have to leave the comforts of life. Many people do not spend their time to make money. They enjoy comforts of life and family. So they do not have more money as compare to others. Those people who are satisfied, they will not get more success in their life. These type of people cannot provide good education for their children. Not only for making more money but also to get other things people should have to come out from comforts of the surroundings.
Finally I would like to go with make money rather then a comfortable living. Living a comfortable life is a short period of happiness while making more money is a real fun of life. The reason is with money we can do everything in life. We can purchase a comfortable living by money. In contrast, money cannot be purchased by comfortable living. So people should always give their best for making more money. Opportunity come only ones. If we do not use it we will never get success. So I feel people should always try to make more money.

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This essay tells many things that I agree. I think that people are not looking for money when they get a job. They want to show their abilities, they want to develop, to help or make something in this life. Money it’s a pretext. People want to make themselves happy.

Hi, tomasito. In my opinion, it is better to get all of these things when finding a job-money, experience, professional environment, etc. However, if I must choose one of them, I will get a chance applying to a high-paying job. It is because high salary will go along with high pressure, more talents required, etc and thus help us fulfill all the rest of thing. For instance, when we were young, we learnt hardly just for a good job potential in the future. Further more, when we are mature and marry, we must preside over the destiny of our family. This, in somehow, result in a question that how can we bring up our lives and families without enough money. As a result, I would say that young people tend to choose a job supplying them a chance to not only show their ability, passion but also good salary. Besides, elder people-from more than 40, they need a stable job with insurance, entire-salary…To sum up, money is the most important thing in such a world abounding in inflation, and expensive living expenditure.