Man made vs. Made man

  1. A man made lake.

  2. Become a made man by marrying the president’s daughter.

kind regards.

Dear Kyaw! I hope you haven’t married the president daughter! I know that you come from very noble royal family, but what for taking such risk?


Dear Alicja,

I am Not that stupid to marry the president’s daughter who could later be a beggar in a political storm. lol.
You know my IQ?

kind regards.

I am so pleased to talk to you. Great!

Dear Kyaw! I like to talk with you too. I hope my STORMS are over, so-my disability to write, is also over. With more exciting things about me - I removed my apper left 6 on Friday, and then in the afternoon I went to my usual Friday english lesson. It is a sign, that I became to be more strong mentaly. I once send you a strange story , about trouble with my computer. I noticed that you didn’t read it. Anyway, my computer is ok now. But my reluctance to open it,-still is fixed in my head. Every day I can see on TV political news about you country. It is astonishing how different is a view on the some things. I have no attitude to it, it is too faraway from me and my former interest. But you can change it, being so convincing person. And I know your unusual high IQ!
My greetings-Alicja:))

Does it mean-- mad or mad cow or we are about to go for mad(frenzied), which one Mr. Lwin?

Dear Mr. Minhajquazi and Alicja,

It’s not that easy to see and say a thing 'black when all others see and say it 'white.

I’ve got to have a low IQ.

kind regards.

But, I don’t think you are a “color blind” rather over smart.

Not being able to see black and white is not colour blindness.

And don’t pull my leg too much.

Over smart is kind of dumb. lol

kind regards.

My dear men! I would like to join you with this great mutual compliments, but I don’t know what it is going about. In this situation I would better only send you my greetings.



In poland is very hot, and stormy weather,-it doesn’t help in rational thinking.

My dear lady,

Men talk nonsense.

If Poland is hot , Burma is burning.

kind regards.

Dear Kyaw! Talking nonsens-it is my beloved kill-time, recently. And, to be true-it always was. Talking about serious things is too tiring work.

Burma is burning? It explains everything!


They say 56 C, considering the dense moisture.

We’re waiting to die. I’m shrinking to a twig. He…

Now you’re befriended with a Burmese twig man. Wonderful.

Kind regards.

Dear Alijca,

rational thinking.

I don’t know this word until my factory manager introduced to me, in 1997, as my former profession taught or brain washed me 'Kill first not to get killed.

Still I don’t like much the word 'Rational. For it bores me. I love extreme in a short life. It excites me.

kind regards.

You see, how can you think rationally when everybody is mad.

kind regards.

No,no everybody! Only this who are pressed to live in so high temperature. I hope, your basement can effectively protect you from being the twig. I remember that the basement is your beloved place to work over your translation of the bakery market advertisments, into english. Or /certainly/ you have there aircondition /I hope/. On the other hand aircondition can’t protect you from the “dense moisture”. Man can’t have everything what is good at once.