Making questions in the negative from

Hii everybody.
I am under the impression that I’ve read two different ways to make questions in the negative form no matter which is the verb tense. Moreover, it seems that some negative questions serve to a expressive goal more than only a literal meaning. I’m not sure whether I’m making it clear enough. I’ll be too much thankful to whom answer my doubt.
Could anyone help me?

Not clear, sorry, Abraão.

Do you mean the difference between ‘Are you going to the dance?’ and ‘You’re going to the dance, aren’t you?’ or between ‘Do you have any apples?’ and ‘Do you have some apples?’ ?

Could you give an example?

Not exactly that point.
Sorry, indeed I’m not being clear. For example, I saw the lyrics of a song in which I read: “Don’t you cry tonight” . For me this is not a question. It seems to be a way of emphasis that belongs to the spoken English. It that right?

Yes, that is simply a negative imperative mood sentence, Abraão. ‘You’ as the subject occasionally appears in commands.

Thanks Mister Micawber.