makes a good cookie

I think in English we can say:
1-He makes a good cookie.
meaning: He makes good cookies.

But could we say:
[color=red]2-Paul Austere writes a good novel.
meaning: Paul Austere writes good novels.

and could one use “1” in the past tense:
3-He made a good cookie.
meaning: He made good cookies.

I think ‘3’ works, but I don’t like ‘2’ that much. I think it is because one does not write that many novels and there is no guarantee that a writer’s next novel will be on a par with what he has written up to now.


yes - 2 is fine. There are certain authors who are reasonably consistent enough in the quality of their writing for you to be able to say that about.
yes, if the person no longer makes cookies (because he has died, retired from the job in the cookie bakery, etc.)