Make the most of now!


Although this headline is the current slogan of a provider for electrical communication there might be a wisdom in it, mightn?t there?

Do you know any other wise idiom to request yourself every single moment? For instance: Today is the first day of the rest of my life or something else.


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Always look on the bright side of life! :smiley:

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[color=yellow][size=150]Let the sun shine down on you[/size]!!! 8)

[color=indigo]* * * * * * * * *
[size=150][color=indigo]Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination. [/size] :slight_smile:

[color=indigo]Mark Twain

Hi Conchita!

Rather difficult to reply on your latter example! Like mentioned in the holy Bible:

[color=orange][size=200]Happy are the poor minded. They?ll reach the Heaven[/size] !

[size=150][color=blue]Knock…Knock…Knocking at Heaven?s Door
[color=indigo]Michael[/size] :smiley:

[color=white]…[color=indigo][size=84]Don’t worry, be happy.[/size][color=white]…
… 8) [color=white]…


To continue with Conchita’s line:

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[size=134][color=brown]Rise and shine![/size]

(“Was adopted by sergeants in the British army when gently advising soldiers that is was time to get up. Soldiers were expected to shine their boots every morning.”)
:lol: :slight_smile:

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Hi Everybody,
This is the one I like the best:
There’s no bad that couldn’t get worse.

And the other:
Just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t necessarily mean that no one followes you :slight_smile:


I used to enjoy whistling a lot. Now, you may laugh when I tell you this, but I just had to stop because I was getting wrinkles around my lips (which were bound to show up sooner or later, anyway)!

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity! :roll:

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Just out of curiosity, is your son a whistler, too, Conchita?

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Yes, he is! :slight_smile: And so is my dad. Why do you ask?

That would make you whistler’s mother… :mrgreen:
[size=75](…as well as whistler’s daughter.) [/size]


I like to add a nice short story about whisteling I experienced recently:

As you know I was working as a machinist at a machine-factories assembly. Well, there wasn?t much noise and it?s been pretty clean there. While working one of the machinists started imitating a birds voice. Step by step every of the other ten machinists started imitating another birds voice, too. So that If you would have entered the hall you might have been reminded to a birds cage at the zoo. 8)

Fortunately, no of the chiefs started beating about the bush. They surely were happy to hold us in their hands. :wink:


That’s a consolation, I guess! :slight_smile:

By the way, I’d have said ‘That would make you a whistler’s mother/daughter’. Are you using ‘whistler’ as a kind of proper noun here?

I’m also an ear mover (flapper?)'s mum and daughter! And, since we’re at it, my daughter is able to do all those funny things with her tongue, as described in a previous thread. The only ‘different’ thing I can do with it is ‘click’ the popcorn song (really loudly)…

I liked your funny anecdote, Michael! :lol:

Have you checked the meaning of ‘beating about/around the bush’? I don’t really understand what you mean by it here. :?

Hi Conchita!

Googling the idiom beat about the bush I found this.

In that sense I tried to refer to the manner of some chairmen of companies to seperate people who have fun while working as work don?t have to be beautiful in their mind and also like you know me I tried to be a bit flippant.


I got your point now – you used the phrase in a more literal meaning. You’re right about (too) many people thinking that work and fun must never go hand in hand. It’s a shame really, as the two concepts are not necessarily at odds with each other: What’s more, they are often a happy combination (never better said) that can even increase productivity.

Yes, that was my version of a little joke. 8) The “a” was intentionally omitted.
Whistler’s Mother

I can wiggle my ears, too! But it wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I realized that not everyone can wiggle their ears (or should I say “his or her ears”? ;)). :lol:


Hi Amy,

Is there no limit to your talents? I have ears that twitch when they hear a sudden noise (I say ‘they’ because it’s nothing to do with me) in an almost canine fashion. No wonder I can’t stand cats.