make a lot of sense

what does following sentence mean?

“it does not make a lot of sense”

It is not intelligible. It is not possible to understand it.

“make a lot of sense” is a slightly softened variation of “make sense”, which is a set expression meaning “be intelligible” / “be possible to understand”.

Thank you again.

I usually have problem with “for” and “to”! is there any way to discriminate the time of using them in sentence?
I regret for/to/- you…
I pity for/to/- you…
and many other examples.

Regret doing sth( sth we did in the past and now regret it. “I regret shouting at him”
Regret to do sth (usually used to saythat we are sorry." I regret to say the lecture was a failure.’
“Regret for”( It’s not corretct to use ‘for’ it’s a Farsi pattern. )
pity sb( no preposition; “I pity her”
A good Collocation Dictionary could help.

Thank you so much Lilish.

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i liked the explanation.