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Hi. I’m from Iran. I’d like to find a nice guy who speaks English. Actualy, I like to chat with female native English speakers to improve my English. I’m here as a learner and I don’t want to find boyfriend. I think this site is a opportunity t learn English better. If any body likes to help me just let me know.

So i’m from Iran. But i dont know english very good! I think you must waite for learning better english. Because i dont know english very good but exercise in long time for learning english. In this time my english very better later.
To be successful.

I’m from syria and looking for frineds in syria damascus city for practicing english…

Hello dear Silverstar
I am glad to help you. I am Ph.D. student.
If you want some helps you can connect me soon.
Beat Wishes

hey Silverstar,
I’m from Iran too. Good luck.

hi, glad to meet you.
my y!m : hand_roll_piano
my skype ID: svca88

pls add my yahoo messager ID or Skype ID, we will talk everyday to improve our English.

in my opinion ,making a friend from english-speaking countries benefits to your oral english and writing english. the native people learn their history clearly.

Hi Dear,

I am seeking a friend who can discuss with me in English Language, I wanna improve communicational skills. I hope there will be a positive reply from you.


Ghulam Mustafa

Hello all, I am newbie here. I love tv shows and I love to Watch TV Shows Online on

Hello, I am a newbie here. Hey!

Hello, I am a newbie here. Hey!

Hello everybody. My name is Muhammad and I’m from Tajikistan.
I’m looking for the people whoes native language english or understands english well.

with my kindest regards.

Hello, nice to see your message. Hope you get new friends through this site.

hi every one
i am Loweh from Cameroon.we speak both English and french as our official languages.i speak English and i understand if you guys can connect with me, we can both improve our English language.

Hey every one

Here, I’m looking for some Engish speaking friends, so; my english communication can get better. :slight_smile:
currently i’m in learning phase. Hope here I can get help.

Hi everyone! My name is Amra and I’m from Albania.
I’m new here and i would like to meet new friends who can help me to improve my english.

hi All this is shahzad, and i am here just because i want to improve my English, please help me out.

Sabaidee every one,

Sabaidee is Lao greeting mean " Hello or Hi". my name is Nidda. I am from Vientiane Lao PDR.
Understanding english is the most of my passion and i wish my english will be improved by communicating with you.

Thank you and looking forward to learn english together with you all.


hi every one i am new in this forum

Hi dear, I am from Afghanistan, i like to be with you as a friend, to hare information about everything in English language,

have a nice time,