Love with no response

Ive never really thought Id fall in love with a man I didnt understand though I did my best to succeed. Now I see-real love is too cruel to those who fully give themselves to it. I just wanted to fill his lonely heart with all that joy & love I could give with no limits. I opened my soul to him-he read it like a book, I told him everything-he saw my life as if he was me! A crazy but sweet & pleasant feeling twirted me though I knew there was no response. What can I do? Nothing Who can I trust? Noone. Whats there in front of me??? His pale but sweet & dear shape, his loveliest voice & his cruelest last words…

Dear Jailbird,

Many thanks for sharing your experiences with us. As you know you can use your knowlegde of the English language to explore yourself because if you talk about your feelings in English you have to make a greater effort and this will help you to analyze your situation. You will encounter many people whom you will have a relationship with and no matter how you define that relationship you will always find that there are certain principles that apply. So, here is an exercise that will stabilize your emotional condition: Ask yourself the following questions and try to find as precise an answer as possible to each of them: «How do I define ‘happiness’»? «Is there any way I can control my feelings and if so, how do I do it?» «Do I know myself and how can I explore and analyze my own feelings?»
It might take a certain amount of effort and self-discipline to direct your thoughts towards those questions in order to find the answers. Also, don’t expect quick results — you should regard this exercise as a process rather than one single step.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: How can I help you?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Dear Torsten!

Youre really a wonderful man!!! Im so thankful to you… Noone has still told me something on this matter))) I`m so grateful to you for your advice! THANK YOU VERY MUCH & MANY TIMES!!!