loudly/ aloud and others, please help me

  1. Please read the dialogue aloud/ loudly.

  2. That’s my sister over there. She stands next to the window.

For #1, each word gives a different meaning. “aloud” means, saying the words out loud, instead of just reading to yourself silently.

“loudly” means to say the words at a high volume - when you say “loudly” it is understood that you also mean “aloud”.

For #2, the simple present does not work for your second sentence. Generally, we use simple present action verbs for actions we do continuously, regularly, or at certain times.
So, “She stands next to the window every afternoon at 4PM.” or “She stands next to the window when she wants to look outside.” or “The lamp stands next to the window.” {It is always there.}
For your sentence, you need “She is standing next to the window.”