Looking for project 18 th part

Dear Torsten,

My problem could be that yesterday evening I couldn’t read out my lesson. At last, now I would have time to read out but my mike isn’t there.

Of course you couldn’t know that I couldn’t work anytime, and I had to break off my work.

(It’s similar to my dream that I used to dream several times when I was a child .I wanted to run but I couldn’t because my waist was attached to something. This is the same with my English learning I would like to do it whole day at once but something always happens in the family that interrupts me. I am unable to run.)

I wanted to say this simile to anybody for a long time. Now I’ ve shared with you. I hope this isn’t a trouble for you.

Please, give me back my mike.

Many thanks and best regards:
Kati Svaby