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OIEL is a not-for-profit education project established with the purpose of helping English Learners to improve and master their skill through online environment. Furthermore, for English teachers it’s also a good place for sharing experiences.
At OIEL, we believe that universal access is the key ingredient in the removing cost barrier to learning English and language barrier to communication. Our mission is to provide universal access to online English learning environment to all of English learners.
Currently, we are looking for Online Volunteer English Teachers who are dedicated to helping other people.
At least one of the following:
• Bachelor’s degree or higher. ( Online Degree accepted)
• CELTA, TEFL, or TESOL certification (TEFL Online accepted)
• Native speakers of English
• A minimum of 3-month of teaching experience on TOEFL iBT, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge Tests.
• OIEL’s Application Form (Download Here)
• Recent Curriculum Vitae (Resume).
• Copy of qualifications
How to Apply:
Please send your application to hr@oiel.org
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Hello Guys

I am a new user of forum. I want to know how we can improve my english speaking step by step through self study.


I am a new user of forum too.


welcome to this forum!

You can follow my instruction above or you can down load documents for free in this link
and join here facebook.com/oiel.org



Hello Pearingo,

Interesting project. I have created a website for the same purpose, but the tutors earn money by teaching. We pay tutors from $5-$20 per hour for online tutoring at [Justlearn]. Good luck with finding English teachers. Maybe, we can help each other.

Philip Rossenk