1. Raman told me I look nice.
  2. Raman told me I looked nice.
    Do #1 and #2 mean the same?
    Which one is grammatically correct as the sentence is in past tense?

Yes. They are both sound grammatically. It’s just a difference in aspect - (1) refers to now (look) and (2) refers to then (looked).


For ‘Raman told me, “You look nice.”’ - active voice sentence,
we may write as passive voice: “Raman told me I looked nice.” Is it OK or not?
‘Raman told me I look nice.’ is a passive voice sentence.
What will be the active voice sentence for this sentence?

a.Yes. Also ’ Raman told me I look nice’ if he told you recently.

b. Also ‘Raman told me, “You look nice.”’

Hi Allifathima,

Your sentences have nothing to do with active or passive constructions.