look beautiful/treat kind/dress smart

Why do we say:

to look (how?) beautiful -> not: to look beautifully

to treat (how?) kind -> not: to treat kindly

to dress (how?) smart-> not: to treat smartly

Are: to look beautiful, treat kind, dress smart fixed collocations?

Because an adverb answers to reply: how?


Can you use those in a sentence, please Saneta? I’m not sure I agree that we would use kind/smart rather than kindly/smartly.

ok Bees, here you are:

from my grammar book:

She has excellent taste in clothes and always dresses smart.

and Whitney Houston sings/sang:

I hope life treat you kind

What do you think?
God bless You.

… always dresses smartly.
would be usual.
I would not use ‘always dresses smart’.

As I’ve indicated a great many times, song lyrics, especially modern song lyrics, do not represent accurate/good grammar.

OK, thanks a lot !!

but what is the explanation for: to look beautiful (not beautifully)?

Beautiful’ is an adjective, not an adverb.

You are beautiful.
You are beautifully dressed today.

So, why do we say: You look beautifully today.?

We don’t!

Bees very,very sorry, my question was:

So, why do we say: You look beautiful today?

‘Beautiful’ is an adjective there.

having beauty; pleasing to the senses or to the mind

a beautiful woman/face/baby/voice/poem/smell/evening
beautiful countryside/weather/music
She looked stunningly beautiful that night.
What a beautiful thing to say!

Hi Saneta,

You have already received an excellent answer from the moderator. May I add something that might interest you?

Normally we use an adverb after a verb. However, after some verbs such as [i]be, feel, look, seem, sound, taste, smell, appear[/i] and others we often use an adjective. The verbs are called 'linking verbs' (aka 'copular/copula verbs').

This food tastes delicious.
The children feel happy.
The weather became cold.

Thus, we say  "You [i]look beautiful[/i] today" 

and never say “You look beautifully today”.

I hope this helps. :-)

Dear Bees/Foreigner, thank you very much.

Bees hasn’t written why there is an adjective: beautiful after: to look, but Foreigner has.

God Bless You.