Longest time you stayed awake (no sleep)?

Hi, what was your longest time you have ever stayed awake? Mine must have something like 48 hours or so. How did it feel trying to stay awake?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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The longest I ever stayed awake was about 72 hours. That was when I had an extremely long trip returning home after visiting my then boyfriend (now husband) in the Netherlands. It was an interesting trip home to say the least. I was so tired at moments I was a bit emotional. By the time the 3rd night rolled around I was hallucinating. I was seeing blurry subtitles in my lower vision. Needless to say I was very happy to see my bed and make friends with it. Probably the second happiest I have ever been in my life to see my bed!

Hah nice topic, few weeks ago I stayed awake for 80 hours or so. It was a day before my trip to the Bosnia, that morning I woke up at 09:00 and when 00:00 came I should go to bed because I had to drive at 04:00, I tried to sleep but hopeless, was looking to the roof of my room for two hours, I decide to turn on my computer and just to wait two more hours to go to Bosnia. So I did, I drove my car to Bosnia without sleeping an minute, it took me 5 hours to get there. I spent whole day there and I should get back at 00:00 , still without sleeping. So again I did it, at 04:00 I arrived in Serbia and I calculated that by that moment I was awake for 40 hours or so, so I decided let’s try to break my record of staying awake… I felt tired,sleepy,I remember giggling without any reason everything was funny for me, I became lazy, hard to move but it was interesting at one way… when 70 hours passed the real trouble appears, I started having a small hallucinations , I could see green/blue lights but just when I was moving my head quickly, could barely keep my eyes open, I started to hear worser, 5 hours ago I was sitting in front of my computer at my spinning chair, staring at the some words which I couldn’t see for real, everything was blur, few minutes after I fall asleep, how I don’t know, I just remember that I wake up in bed 20 hours after. .

I don’t think I’ve ever been awake for more than 30 hours. Even if I was very behind on an essay due the morning after, I’d always try to sleep at least a couple of hours. Besides, the adrenaline of having only a few hours before deadline would keep me awake and make me work faster.

I can’t begin to imagine who it must feel like to be deprived of sleep for as long as 80 hours. It must be awful.

The longest I went without sleep would be in the neighborhood of 30 hours, I had to stay up all night (pulled an all-nighter as we used to say back then) to cram for the upcoming exam (my fault entirely, should’ve been preparing for it well in advance). And it was a very unpleasant experience, I got really snappy and vexatious by the end of the day but by dint of sheer determination I made it through the day. When I got home I sprawled on the couch and was out like a light in a few moments.

Wow, 72 hour! I admire your stamina!
I would start flying off the handle at everyone after sleep deprivation of that magnitude.

Wow, 72 hour! I admire your stamina!
I would start flying off the handle at everyone after sleep deprivation of that magnitude.

Well largely I had no choice but to stay awake since I was traveling home. I suppose in my own way I did fly off the handle, I broke down crying in one of the bus stations because I was so tired, it was such a long trip and I was alone. So yeah, it made it’s mark on me too.

G’day Torsten and everyone,
The longest time I had ever stayed awake was 72 hours, when my ex-husband told me that he had an affair with another young Thai lady. I felt terrible (had severe headache and chest pain) so my friend had to take me to hospital, because my friend thought that I was having Heart attack. It was 8 years ago, I was so sick with depression when my marriage broke down. However I got over it and I’m having a happy life now.
Best regards,

Whoaa! i’ve never been awake for more than 24 hours…
What a stamina you have…
well the few times i’ve been awake for almost a day is when i’m waiting for fireworks every new year’s eve… hehe

Xiamuou why are you quoiting yourself?:-DDDDDD

Actually I was quoting Our Tort System but it seems it didn’t include his name. Oh dear! hehe