long or short vacation

Hi, please help me correct my essay. I hope to see your comments and critisms if it is not good enough.

[color=red]Topic:[color=red]Some people believe that students should be given one long vacation each year. Others believe that students should have several short vacations throughout the year. Which viewpoint do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Students always expect to have a vacation to relax after learning hard at school. But should they be given one long vocation each year or short vocations throughout the year? Personally, I would prefer to have one long vacation to have enough time to relax, attend outdoor activities and increase the knowledge and experience which I cannot learn at school.

First of all, by having one long vacation, students can forget the tiredness about the whole year study and refresh to start next year semester. It is known that students have heavy study load: homework, quizzes and exams. And during one long vacation each year, they can have a good time with their family members: go on a long holiday by the sea or visit ancient cities, which may supply them with energy to come back study.

Secondly, a long vacation is good for students because it is conspicuous that the majority of them need to work to be able to pay university fees. It is easier for students to have jobs during a long vacation. Such kind of jobs can be waitress, shop-assistance and paper deliver.

Last but not least, a long vacation allow students to attend outdoor activities and spots. For example, when I learn how to swim, the course took me 2 months but if I only have a short vacation of several weeks, I cannot finish the term.

In conclusion, a long vacation would be preferable to several short ones as it gives the opportunity to students to take long holiday, have a job and complete a sport programme.

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I’ve found your essay very interesting, hope kitos helps you to improve it.

Sung Tung, your essay is pretty good. A few errors here and there, but these you will eliminate yourself after writing a few more essays.

I will say to you what I say to most essay writers … Read. read, read. (Not books.)

This is the sure-fire way to learning good English.


Yeah Sung Tung, I suggest you to listen to kitos’s advices. They will help you to improve faster than you think.

Hi Kitosdad

could you make yourself clear about what things I or others could read to help in writing essays, because you wrote in your previous comment “not books”.

Thanks in advance

Read newspapers or magazines. Short articles.
Study each sentence.
Notice how it is written.
Note the vocabulary being used.
How clear is the meaning?
Do you understand the sentence? If not, ask yourself why. There is the answer.

If you read a book or novel, the chances are that you will become distracted by your interest in the story. This is NOT your objective!