Long-limbed approach


Could you explain indirect meaning of the word long-limbed?

As in:

[i]‘The Urbz has opted for a more stylistic, long limbed approach with much darker, sassier colors and more mood.’

Long Limbed Tales’

‘Jointing device for long-limbed framework elements’

long-limbed galaxy’ [/i] (OK, it might be a special term…)

Hi Tamara,

Are we talking here computer games? I can only imagine that the figures in the game are shown with long slender legs as perhaps you would see on the catwalk.

And this so early in the morning!


Good (early) morning, Alan :slight_smile:

Yes, the first phrase is from (a? the?) gaming context.
Initiated by a neighbour thread last night and continued this morning. :slight_smile:

So, you still suppose the direct meaning?