Long distance love - What do you think about this?

Hello everybody,

My name’s Yu. I’m from Vietnam and 21 years old now.

Well, in this topic, I want to discuss on long distance love (as its title :P).

  • Oh yes, it’s too simple to get the meaning of this phrase. It talks about the love between 2 people those who are far from each other (in my opinion).
  • Hmm … I’m … really in this situation.
  • We’ve met each other for about 4 years. Recently, we’ve been more and more … love each other (or you can say “like” instead of “love” - because none of us can express one’s love to another).
    This really makes me feel wrectched … unpleasant … sad … and makes me dream of meeting him.

I think that anyone in a long distance love will know … how the feelings are when you dream of meeting someone everynight … when you love him but you cant say to him … when you want to spend all your time with him - just for playing games, going out together, singing together … everything needs to be done together …
But it’s so difficult.

Distance in love is really cruel!!!
We must dominate our emotions … our feelings … our affections for each other.
Really really really painful!!

On the other hand, a long distance love can make you feel that you have to wait for him … you feel uncomfortable when you find that you like another one.

  • I dont know whether this kind of love normally has a happy ending - normally or … rarely. But I hope our love’ll be able to have a happy ending.

Sorry, my English isnt good. Please correct it whenever you find out any mistakes!

In my opinion, I would say that long distance love is quite safe compared to short distance love one. This is Based on my observation on my colleagues. Guys always seem to pretend that they are nice, kind, macho or whatever girls like to hear. In front of the girls, they will act nicely, but in behind they will show their truly face. After they try to convince their partner that they really love them, then they will try to get fulfill their lust. (is it this is correct word?). Now you think, what happen if you always meet him? Will you let him to act on you? So, I think better you just message, email, facebook or any else that can control him from acting wrongly.

Long Distance Relationship sometimes being more complicated, whenever between the couples there will be sort of misunderstanding. Jealousy, suspicion commonly happen. We can not control directly what actually happen to our couple. But, if our love has been “built” by strong commitment, by mutual respect, trust, and mutual understanding, the risk of break up can be minimized as much as possible.

Between the long distance love and the short distance love, I vote for no love before marriage. Hehe :))

Is it not really expensive - like a long distance telephone call?

Maybe a long distance Skype might be cheaper! :slight_smile:

@Salmonella: You decide there’s no Love before marriage…then you pick up, to marry the one that you don’t love at all? How come?
@Political Lurker: Long Distance Love need to cost much more? It is so costly…when we call someone living abroad by phone. Fortunately, there’s Skype available. I love to use it as well…

It is not a strange thing. Many people has done it before, and it was proven that their marriage were more stable compared to others. But unfortunately, I don’t have any reference to support my argument right now. Hehehe

It is your personal opinion and might be very subjective, so you do not need any reference to strengthen your argument…Okay? hehhehe

Salmonella: I forgot to say one thing. You pick up, no love before marriage…I guess what you mean is not Love, but Lust…Lust and love is totally different. No Lust before marriage, it is a must for a believer (muslem in this case). Do you agree or not with my thought?

Pipii I personally think that muslims are not prohibited to fall in love. Its a human nature. And beside even they are allowed to pick their own partner whom ever they wish or love. Nobody gets married to a person without even knowing him/her. Thats insane!

As far as long distance relationship is concerned I don’t think it works very well. Though there ought to be a distance even when they are close or they end up driving each other crazy!

Katty: Falling in love surely is not prohibited in Islam teaching. Just avoiding not to do sexual intercourse before marriage. Or doing something that can lead people to do that. That’s the point in Islam teaching. I am a bit wondered why Salmonella thought that it’s better no love before marriage, maybe he just wanted to tell no LUST before marriage. Love and Lust can not be separated. I mean how to control and manage Lust before marriage, if we manage it well, we can avoid doing fornication before marriage. Hopefully Salmonella can add my explanation to make it clearer…