Lonely man.

Sitting on this empty bus,
Without a place to go.
He glances through the window,
And hopes that it won’t snow.
For he really has no shelter,
Doesn’t have a friend.
He simply is a man alone
No family to attend.

For he left them many years ago,
The day he left his wife.
He bought a ticket for the plane,
And sought another life.
But dreams like those just don’t come true.
Of course they never do.
You left your wife, you left your past,
Now all you have is you.

The life you always wanted.
Alone and free at last.
Then tell me lonely man will you,
Why you can’t forget the past?
You thought that it was boring,
Not really what you sought,
So you bought a ticket for the plane,
And left without a thought.

Now all your life’s a circle,
Just spinning round and round.
Each day so long and boring,
You really miss the sound.
The sound of children’s laughter,
Ringing through the hall.
And now you rue the day you left,
For you really had it all.

But now its gone, the wheel has turned,
And now you’re all alone.
Alone just like you wanted,
Just a king without a throne.


Lonely man

It is a pleasure to hear you put so much feeling into my poor work. Thank yo Lin.

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Your right. A Lonely person’s day must be so long and boring,
Lonely man = A king without a throne. hahaha…

How I wish his decision could be reversed for him to be with his again.

Thanks for sharing this Kitos.

Thank you Lub, that was nicely read.

Now Nzuahp, how about you giving it a man’s perspective? I dare you!

Hi Kito

Really, your words are very influent, saddened, and touching our hearts. We’re sorry for him.

Best regards


Thank you for listening my vioce message.

Thank you recording. It is good very for understanding English.

Hello Keo, the purpose behind posting the story is to have other people record it. How about you?

I deeply appreciate Kito sharing his peoms and stories. It’s simple and interesting just as Kito promised.
As to the lonely man, I felt much sorry for him. He was that miserable and cruel to give up his family.
If I were a man who has a huge motivation to make great acheivement, I would like to struggle to an fair phraze of my career before organizing a family.
Once I decide to get married, I would be doing my best to be a responsible husband.
Anyway, thank you for your sharing, Kito.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Wow, how good is this? And we also have a masculine input. Thank you all so very much.

Please listen to my recording.

How do you feel about my accent, intonation and pronunciation? How do I improve my spoken English?

Many thanks. :slight_smile:

He may deserve it. This is what life is like. :slight_smile: