Live like you are / were dying ?

Hi, every one

I listen a song called “Live like you were dying by Tim Mcgraw”
I cannot understand why the title named like that.
Living is a present, were dying is past continuous tense
Living at this moment like dying from the past ?

What is the different from the meaning if I substitute “were” with are in this sentence ?
“Live like you are dying ?”

Thank you for your reading and helping.

Here “like” means “as if”, and “were dying” is subjunctive mood, describing a hypothetical/imaginary state, not past tense.

“Live like you are dying” is also possible. It sounds more direct.

Thank you for your help Dozy, you again :slight_smile:

Hi, Dozy

Could you help me the last question for this topic ?
If I use “Live like you be dying ?” (present subjunctive, instead of “were” as a past subjunctive")

What is the different from the meaning ?

Subjunctives of the form “be ~ing” are not used in modern English. This pattern sounds archaic, like something out of an old book.