"Live-in" son-in-law


Is there any spicific term for the husband who lives in his wife’s house(with his in-laws)?

What about live-in son in law/ husband?


Live-in son-in-law, husband, etc. sounds fine to me. Besides, I can’t think of more appropriate term.

I agree with Conchita. I don’t think there is any specific term for this.

But I don’t think I’d ever say “live-in husband” since that’s normally the expected status of a husband. :lol:


Quite right too :lol: ! I hadn’t realised the absurdity of this expression – it sounds as if you might also have a live-out hubby on the side somewhere!!

The specific term for this is a husband who lives in his wife’s house with his inlaws.

Since it’s relatively unusual in the West for a married couple to live with parents or inlaws, there is no term for this, just as we have no term for a person who is paid to carry one’s lunch from one’s home to one’s office. We don’t have it, so there’s no term.

The term live-in husband is quite nonsensical.

It might be possible to say live-in son-in-law, but it would generally make sense only if the inlaws used this term or if you had explained the situation before you used the term.