Little vs. a little

Hello, how are you?. I hope you?ll be fine. One question. Thanks in advance!

“I?ve always had LITTLE money”

Is “little” used correctly to mean I?ve hardly had
money in all my life, I haven?t had much money,
just money for food…? Sometimes, I get confused.
I don?t know which one to use. “Little” or “a little”


Usage of “little” means that he was short of money(let’s assume he lived from hand to mouth :slight_smile: )while “a little” bears a positive colouring.He had a little money but it was enough for him.I’m a bit confused seeing an article before uncountable noun :slight_smile:

Hi Jesus

I’d say your sentence is correct with ‘little’. I agree with Pamela.

Additionally, “little money” and “a little money” could even be exactly the same amount of money! The difference is mainly in attitude: ‘little’ is seen/felt as negative and ‘a little’ is seen/felt as much more positive.

Hi Pamela

I’d say it’s best to look at ‘a little’ (and also ‘a few’) simply as two words that create one single idea.


I understand you,Yankee!Thanks a lot for advice! :smiley:

Thanks indeed, Amy!.

Have a nice day!