Listening Problem

Dear all
When I play the audio, the message file not found was shown. I want to know how to slove this problem, what should I do?

Dear User,

Please inform me from which page you listen to an audio file?

  2. … event.html
  3. … tml#120011

Also, what is your browser?
Have you got Flash: ?

Many thanks,

take a audio player to listen speech.
many thanks!

I also cannot hear any of lesson. Maybe any is too strong word as I tried to listen to Alphabet 4 and 3 and Introduction form Audio lessons. I also tried first of your links. Exactly, the same effect. First info “Connection” appear and next “File not found”.

Hi This is husain
Sir Torson
I received your massage
now let me tell you please start any lesson on the words which are mostly spoken in usually life
thank you

Hi Slava…nice to meet you again after a long time…

I want to ask you if you have categorized the voice recordings of our members with well versed English speaking…because the beginners can get a good start by listening to these good recordings and try their best to follow the language to enrich their power…

How is the idea…or you have already had this idea executed…

Please let me know…

Thanks and regards…

Today, listening problem was solved. I’m very happy about this and i want to thank u a lot. I’ll have a Toeic exam next year because i go to this web everyday to practice listening skill. I find this web is helpful and i introduced it to my friends. Of course, they love it. Anyway, thank u very much!

I have lisining english problem, I want to improve it please give suggesion

I am from Pakistan, pray for my peoples we are in problems due to terrorism, I also want to improve my spellings

I have lisining probolems so give me new exercise for practice. … obahn.html[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A classroom[YSaerTTEW443543]