linking/action verb

  1. He is(lv) a quiet(adj) man(n).
  2. You are(av) quite(adv) right(adj).
  3. You are(av) extremely(adv) kind(adj)
    Please clarify me what I quoted within brackets is correct or not?
    lv = linking verb
    av = action verb
    adj = adjective
    adv = adverb
    n = noun

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In my opinion, you have done an excellent job, except for the fact that your sentences contain NO action verbs.

In #2 and #3, “are” links “you” and “right” / “kind.”


I have the same thought as James M. Action verbs, as the word “action” tells, should be ones that denote an action. For example, “go”, “come”, “travel”, etc.

James M, Saberlily,
‘He was running(v) fast(adv).’
In this sentence is ‘was’ a linking verb or helping verb?
Please throw some light on it.

James M / Saberlily,

  1. She was(lv) first(adj) in her class.
  2. She came(v) first(adv) in her class.
  3. I was(lv) here(adv) first(adv).
  4. Let’s do(v) this job first(adv).
    Please comment on my comments within the brackets.

‘was’ in ‘He was running fast’ is an auxiliary.
As for the ‘first’ thing, I think all of them are adjectives as they don’t modify the verbs but the nouns/pronouns. Other things are fine.

***** NOT A TEACHER *****

I have expressed my opinions in the brackets above.