Like versus Enjoy

Hi teachers :slight_smile:

Would you please tell me the difference betweem them?

For example: Do you like that book? Do you enjoy that book?

Please give more examples

Thanks beforehand


Although both terms can have very similar meanings, I’d say that ‘enjoy’ is somewhat stronger.

  1. If you enjoy something, you take pleasure in it: I enjoy singing; did you enjoy the play on television last night?

You can also ‘enjoy yourself’: have a good time: I am enjoying myself enormously.

  1. If you enjoy good health, you are always well.

If you like something, you have pleasant feelings about it: do you like cream? How do you like him?

However, the verb ‘to like’ refers to how you find something or someone, while the verb ‘to enjoy’ also refers to what you receive from someone or something.

In your examples:

Do you like that book? --> Are you fond of that book?

Do you enjoy that book? --> Do you take joy or pleasure in it?

Obviously, if you like a book, you will also enjoy it :slight_smile: !

Another way to look at it: You can like a particular book, because you like books in general or because it was a gift, for example, but if you haven’t read it yet, you can’t say you have enjoyed it – unless you take pleasure in fondling it or in looking at it sitting on the shelf, etc. :slight_smile: .

Hi Conchita,

Thanks so much for your great explanation.
It’s really helpful and useful, you know I got goose pimples while reading your answer.

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