like drawing or like to draw

Which sentence is correct?

  1. I like drawing animals and flowers.
  2. I like to draw animals and flowers.

They are both correct and have the same meaning.

Should I prefer usage of one of them?

No, I don’t think so. You can consider them equal.

Sorry sir but I need more explanations about this. I’ve always been thinking that like to do is different from like doing.

Tort is correct Bookaholic. They are treated with equality.

But, does the rule go well with all other verbs having the same structures such as love?


If a verb can take either an infinitive or a gerund, the meaning will likely be exactly the same. “Help” is an obvious exception.

I could not help write the novel.
- I could not take part in writing it.
I could not help writing the novel. - I was compelled beyond my powers of resistance to write it.

Also, Bookaholic, a comma is not correct behind a coordinating conjunction unless you are setting a phrase off by commas. No comma is needed after “but” in your sentence.

And you have not always been thinking the meanings were different. “Think” is stative when it means to hold an opinion. Use the simple tenses. When it means to contemplate or consider, it can be used in the progressive. In informal speech, it may sometimes appear in the progressive forms.

Thank you, Mordant. But what did you mean by saying ‘unless you are setting a phrase off by commas’?

But, as I pointed out before, this sentence is just an example with no other meaning besides illustrating my point.

Don’t try to understand the thought behind that sentence. Just look at what I did with the commas. The same can be done with adverbs, prepositional phrases, etc.

Thank you sir.