life is just like sh*tting~

after almost one year of struggling with my thesis design project, i finally came up with an awesome idea. I changed my design in the final 2 weeks totally, trying to pull everything together, very hard. but still, I failed. my professors were satisfied with the level of development of my design. sh*t, I failed my thesis!

can’t believe it!

i will have to waste 1 year of my life to finish just that. but all i did was to have an awesome design, not just a finished project like “sh*t” !! I’ve tried so hard!

finally, I figured that, life is just like taking a s_h_i_t, sometimes even you try very hard, you will only end up with a fart, instead of a chocolate bar. but you can’t move on because you’re not finished~~ T^T

What design do you do?


i am calm now. if the language is offending. i appologize.

I am not offended at all. I just wished something could have been done about your thesis. I understand how hard it is to complete a thesis. Things somehow are meant to go wrong the last minute. When I was completing my thesis, the sub-spindle of a machining centre (that I used to make microdrills for my thesis) broke! Less than two weeks before the dateline! And it took around 3 hours to complete one piece of microdrill. Can you imagine my frustration? But in my case I have finished writing my thesis, but I wanted more and better data to put in my report. So I just submitted my report just for formality and then I added more data after that.

I find it quite weird that somehow we get better ideas in the last minute. Weird, isn’t it?

Just don’t quit because of this one setback. What you do is cool. I did some design in school too, not achitecture but mechanical ones. I’ve drawn gears, furnaces and car seats for design projects. They were one of the coolest things I learned.

So keep working!