life expectancy

Hi, When I congratulate someone , wishing them to live longer , then what must I say? Can I use ’ long live’ or ’ long life’ ? Thank you.

Hi. It would probably be good to give us the context. What situation is bringing this on?
I would think that you intended to say “I wish you a long life.”

Hi Mordant, if I say: Long live Mordant!, am I correct?

Hi Tiong,

That is funny!
I guess you could say that, but in my mind I associate this structure only with something like:
‘‘Long live England!’’ or ‘‘Long live the king!’’


You are right. My sentence is really funny, I also feel somewhat ridiculous, honestly now I can’t stop laughing you know. I’ve caught on it already, “long live” is for big shot like king, queen and something like that. Am I correct now? Thank you for pointing out my mistakes.

Hi. I agree with Christina. “Long live” is usually not the best phrase here.