Liaison with /f/ (...a lot oF us...)


When I make the liaison of one word (whose final letter is /f/) with another word (whose initial letter is a vowel), the sound /f/ changes into /v/.

Ex: …a lot of us… = a lot o/v/ us

This statement is right for all cases?


Hi Khahn

Your statement is not correct:

The letter f in the word of is always pronounced as a v .

The letter f in the word off is always pronounced as an f.



“Of” is only an example. My idea is:

With every word that has /…f/ (transcription), I can make the liaison with the following word that has
/ vowel…/. In this case /f/ always changes into /v/.

That is right?

Ex: half an hour. /ha: vnau®/


No. /haef n aur/

As Yank says, it is because of is always pronounced /uv/ (unless it is elided entirely before a consonant: a cuppa coffee).