Let us talk about jobs

hi every body ,
i would like to talk about jobs
and i want all of you to talk about the job that you have always dreamed of ? what is it advantages and disadvantages ?
i will start now
i don’t know which is better for me . being a dentist or an engineer . i like both of them . dentist job has many advantages . for example : you can help people , solve their health problems and mitigate their pain.
the disadvantages: you have to study hard, work day and night sometimes and you will make children fraid .
engineer job
advantages : you can draw maps for houses, you can open your own office and deal with people
disadvantages: it is better for men than women , it is pretty hard job and sometimes the country doesn’t need many of them .
please i want your opinions about this .

Hi Kuweit Fan (Is it OK when I call you that way?),

You have started an interesting disussion. You analyze various jobs and weigh their advantages and disadvantages against each other. That makes good sense. However, could you please explain why you think that the job of an engineer is better for men than it is for women?
PS: Your posting was in capital letters - that’s called ‘shouting’, please use small letters instead, OK?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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of course it is ok
but I think that fan means the machine that change the air,
thank you for your compliment about my disussion ,I think that the job of an engineer is better for men than it is for women? because here in kuwait the petrol engineer has to work in petrol field it is too far from the city .
but there are many kinds of engineering it is good for women like the chemical , mechanical , electrical and civil engineer .
I will enshala be one of them because each of them has advantagas for example : the chemical engineer can work in kuwait oil company and it is one of the best companies in kuwait .
mechanical engineer can work in kuwait airways and he/she can open an office and also can work in kuwait oil company .
electrical engineer can work in any company for electricity .
and the civil engineer also can open an office and it is the easiest .
and thanks alot . i will wait for you replies :lol:

Hi …

My name is Salvo and … i study computer engineering and telecomunication!So hopefully i am gonna be an engineer!I’ve just finished my first year and you can’t imagine how difficult it is! 130 students signed up last year at my same course!Only half of them,or even less, reached the end of the first year!!
So don’t think that only dentist have to study hard!In my opinion if i had to choose between becoming an engineer and a dentist, i think i would choose becoming a dentist.Why?!
Because you can be sure you can have your own office and make money! :wink: And you also help people as you said…

Also health is something that everyone needs and take care of.

That’s obviously just my opinion


Hi again,

Yes you are right — the word «fan» can describe a device that produces currents of air. Hower, a fan is also a person who admires and supports a team or as in your case — a country. Judging by the line in your signature you are a great fan of your country, Kuwait, aren’t you?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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thank you Salvo for your opinion , thank you Mrs Torsten for your explanation .
you are a great fan of your country, Kuwait, aren’t you?
yes Iam .
thanks all for your reply :smiley:

Hey yo!
Ive got few words for you! Firstly, you have to be sure what do you want to do for living. Secondly, you have to feel it deep in your heart. Like me! Ive been a teacher for 3 years. And you know what?
I love it!!! Really!!!
Because my pupils amaze me, because i like the look of their faces when they finally are able to understand sth on their own, because i love teaching because it is…me!
and that`s why you have to look deep into your heart and find the answer!!!
go for it!
Good luck!