Let the flowers speak!

Apart from the big places of war there keeps a small civil war the domains and cities in trouble world wide. I learned it yesterday from a TV-report.
While the town gardeners keep the common parks clean and accurate there are people ( officially called guerilla gardeners :twisted: ) who take their own money for buying flower seed and set them into the greens. It?s really dangerous because if they will be catched sometimes they also will be punished! But because this war lasts not only since yesterday the guerilla gardeners have developed their own very particular methods. They look like been stolen from 007.
I used to say: My sympathy they have! Let?s the flowers speak!!! 8)

Let’s throw them in the state prison for a couple of years, they’ll learn not to screw with the government’s lawn.
Planting flowers for free?
What do they think they are?
Darn criminals! :slight_smile: