Let or allow?

Hi there:),

I am not sure about the usage of “let” in place of “allow”.
Are the following sentences correct?

I could not let it happen
I could not allow it to happen
I could not allow it (should I cut “to happen”?)

The king could not let this law to be approved

We could not allow such a crime to remain unpunished

Thank you very much!

Hi alexzive,

There is a difference in the infinitive form following let and allow and permit:

You allow them to leave early.

You permit them to leave early.


You let them leave early.

Remember this with expressions like: Let’s go/Let me have a go/Let me speak/Let me do what I like and so on.


Hi Alan,

thank you for your explanation.

So I think, I was wrong with the sentence:

“The king could not let the law to be approved”

first because “to” isn?t required by “let” and second because maybe here it’s better to use “allow” (as the king “required” the law not to be approved)

“The king could not allow the law to be approved”

Thank you, Alex


In a word, yes.